Giving Days

Updated 3/25/2020

Covid-19 put us in deep triage mode. Our giving days are 7 days a week now. Our capacity has increased four times since we first started. We have more community and nonprofit partners to distribute through.

Please email me at smokingkorean AT gmail DOT com if you want to volunteer or donate goods. I’m based out of my restaurant near USC.

You can donate via venmo to @gidrareturns (Camilla Zadi) or paypal Kamilah.zadi AT gmail DOT com

Facebook fundraiser

25 Korean seniors on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I make two trays of Korean food or I donate ingredients or personal care items. I also donate to other Asian Americans on the brink. For reasons of their privacy, I cannot say something about everyone I help and it’s inappropriate to take photos of people at random times of giving.

The money for my Skid Row initiatives does not come from the fundraiser for Korean American seniors and Asian Americans.

They come from a different fund. You can donate via venmo to 424-223-3526 @Farid-Zadi

Skid Row with Down But Not Out on Thursday evenings with Down But Not Out.

Packaged meal kits on Saturday mornings (almost every Saturday) with Operation Kids Next Door

Monday taco cart with Operation Kids Next Door. We did this once this past Monday. But we need more help to do it twice a month on Mondays.

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