We have multiple initiatives

We are licensed and insured to operate a commercial kitchen. We have our own commercial kitchen. We have bulk wholesale buying power which reduces ingredient costs. Our network includes social workers, professional therapists, and healthcare professionals. We consult with them. We follow best practices for food safety and accountability. Our address is not a secret. But we don’t put it on this website because we do not want random strangers coming over.

We also have multiple fundraisers because folx like to give to different issues and they like to know how their donations are spent. Having multiple initiatives also changes the conversations and narratives about homelessness and which groups of Americans are marginalized.

We can train you via zoom on how to do outreach. We have various documents and questionnaires that you can use. We’ve been organizing operationally for this since last December and mentally since last September. Outreach coordinators need training and learn how to be cynically compassionate.

  1. Brown Bag for Everyone and North African Tacos for all of Skid Row were our first initiatives started in January 2020. We initially raised $3500 and served 6000 meals. Since the covid-19 shock happened, we’ve expanded our Brown Bag for Everyone to include folx on the brink and families in need. We have Brown Bags that are culturally relevant. Click here http://woccollective.com/we-have-multiple-initiatives/brown-bag-for-everyone/ to find out how to donate, participate, support, or get help.
  2. Unhoused and at risk Korean American Seniors. On February 16, 2020, we met with a reverend who was helping unhoused Korean American seniors. 25 were initially identified to us. Since then we’ve done regular outreach with food and care packages to a total of 75 Korean Americans on the brink or in deep risk of becoming on the brink. The number is growing. They include an 18 year deaf mute teenager who has been living with his mother in a shelter for several years. We have also initiated permanent housing processes for all the unhoused Koreans who want permanent housing. The program takes time even though it’s called “rapid rehousing”. Click here for how to donate, participate, support, or get help. http://woccollective.com/we-have-multiple-initiatives/unhoused-korean-american-seniors-and-korean-americans-on-the-brink/
  3. Pan-Asian solidarity. We help by creating a map with unhoused Korean senior cause and by sharing resources. We partner with grassroots Asian American group specific organizations who offer culturally competent, in-language support. This is vital. Our partners and friends help translate timely documents into various Asian languages. For example, a friend recently translated our “Spread Calm” document into Japanese. We gave copies to one of America’s largest distributors of Japanese and Asian restaurant ingredients. They have a Pan-Asian and multilingual sales force and customer base. They will distribute the document widely. Click here for how to donate, participate, support, or get help. http://woccollective.com/we-have-multiple-initiatives/api-covid-19-mutual-aid-network/
  4. Currently, we’re working with two grassroots organizations in Chinatown. We’re not naming them here because folx are easily confused and then incorrectly assume that we represent them.

Some of the unhoused or at-risk seniors we’ve been helping from my restaurant. Some of them since we opened Almost 5 years ago. Some of them are more recent friends.

Photo from a meeting of BAC (Black and Asian Coalition) in South Central and Koreatown. We got 18 grassroots Black organizations to endorse Grace Yoo, a Korean American candidate for City Council Seat 10. We started an education initiative called “Black Child First”.

We’re also assisting with BLC (Black Latinx Coalition).