API Covid-19 Mutual Aid Network

We’ve been in communication with grassroots organizers in Koreatown, Thaitown, and Chinatown since last year about covid-19. We reached out again today. We’re on standby and alert to help with immediate needs as they arise. We have care packages of basic staples ready.

We have documents with vital information already translated or being translated in Asian languages.

Email smokingkorean@gmail.com for access or if you can help with translations.

We’re also donating 2 cases each of bleach, virucide, nitrile gloves, and 50 pack of bag of blue masks at a cost of $300 at the request of a Korean American ER surgeon. We’re also donating hot prepared food to ER workers on weekends when the hospital cafeteria is closed. We will update information regarding which ER. Due to privacy issues, we don’t want to start naming people and locations without permission.

Asian Americans are disproportionately effect by covid-19 in a myriad of ways:

1) Our enclaves started suffering from reduced business in December 2019. We felt the brunt before most of America.

2) Xenophobic and sometimes violently mortal attacks against Asian Americans. Often times elderly and marginalized Asian Americans.

3) 60% of nurses in Los Angeles are Asian American. A really high percentage of medical assistants are Asian American with a high rate of Filipinos.