Brown Bag for Everyone

Update 3/26/2020

The Garment Workers Union has reached out to us. Approximately 5-10 of the 100 members are food insecure. We’re putting together meal kits of rice, beans, and chicken for them. They work in DTLA, but many of them live in South Central LA near our food bank.

Update 3/25/2020

We’re getting a lot of emails and texts from various organizations allover Los Angeles. Quite a bit of it is panic outreach. If you want to partner with Brown Bags for Everyone please read below. We are set up for high volume food aid. We have multiple resources. Lots of wholesale suppliers who will deliver to us directly. We get things at much better prices overall. We see the potential hazard of too many volunteers shopping to help in need.

We can also expand our Brown Bag for Everyone offerings for couples and families with culturally specific food stuffs.

Here’s an example of you could send out verbatim or re-word it.

Hi, this is _________ with __________
Brown Bags for Everyone” in an initiative started by Revolutionario in January 2020 to provide a Brown Bag Meal Kit to every unhoused person in Los Angeles starting in DTLA and Skid Row. We have served 6000 Brown Bag Meal Kits to date. The Brown Bag Meal Kits cost $3-$5, including packaging materials and depending on the ingredients. They typically include a hot dog or sandwich, chips, fruit or a cookie. In this urgent time of need, we’d like to add as many things as possible. If you would like to distribute Brown Bags, please be prepared to volunteer to put them together and help fundraise venmo 424-223-3526 @Farid-Zadi, co-owner of Revolutionario. Volunteers can pick up ingredients and packaging materials near USC and package the meal kits at home. Revolutionario will provide safe food handling instruction and training on how to do outreach and distribute”.

Please note the following. This is for the safety of the volunteers and safety of the recipients.

1) Fundraising is very important. If you want to pick up material resources from us, you must engage in some fundraising. Even if you can’t donate; you can text, message, or email someone about it.

2) Full names of volunteers who are coming to pick up material things. I need contact information and an address. Either personal or of the organization they represent. If the address is for the organization, I need the contact information of the person in charge. Volunteers must be good standing members of an organization or the community. Volunteers who are dropping off to some of the most vulnerable folx in Los Angeles must be vetted. This is just common sense. So don’t take it personally.

3) How outreach was done to identify folx in need. Where and how the brown bags will distributed with proof of distribution/delivery. Photos are fine.

4) Agree to follow food safety and distribution protocols.

5) Email to arrange for pick up.

End of update


Covid-19 changed everything. Our lives and American institutions are forever changes. The cogs and levers of the machine have shifted. We had to temporarily stop our Brown Bag for Everyone initiative as ingredient shortages rolled into a domino effect and volunteers and distributing partners halted operations.

This photo is of Down But Not Out. Our Thursday evening distribution partner. We donate trays of hot food that they distribute with a lot of other food and items they got on their own.

We used to take our taco cart out to Skid Row to serve the community. We are clear about this. Skid Row is a neighborhood, a community of housed and unhoused residents.

We have a lot of community partners like this Viet-American mom who is a middle school teacher and cub scout mom for Asian American boys and girls. They brought us menstrual pads to distribute in Skid Row. School and cub scouts are in lock down mode now.

We used to make 200-350 Brown Bag Meal Kits per 2-3 hour volunteer session. Distribution on site at Skid Row took about 15 minutes.

A local neighborhood association with 400 members agreed to host Brown Bag for Everyone parties to make 1500 Brown Bags at a time.